World Environment Day

Theme: #Beat Plastic Pollution#

I am The Environment,
I am the wind, rain, sun, rivers, oceans, forests and plains.
I am you because you find yourself in me.
I am unique and beautiful , you if course can agree the creator created me well.
Experience the fresh breath of me, where mountains and valleys give an exciting vibrance to the character of my landscape.
From the tropics of Africa to the snow tipped mountains of Antarctica, I am all of these and you exist because of me.
While you claim you thrive, you pollute me.!!!
I am designed to make the air you breath through your flared nostrils safe.
I am channeled to supply water to quench your thirst.
I help your crops grow so you can sit at your dinner table fork and spoons ready to attack what you call your hard bent labour.
I was beautiful and you added your designs to improve my curves only to consciously sit back , watch and help me ruin even beyond my once grand state.
I became worse than when you first met me.

You call it World Environment Day
I call it We End Destruction.
This world would be safe if you will learn to know your place and stop ruining me with your fast tech pace.
Why the filth? Why the misery of pollution?
Backed by your conscious and unconscious resistant to help me who help you exist,
You scavenge in filth misery like mosquitoes in swamp, thinking you can have it your way.
This sphere you call your motherland is soon turned to wasteland.
Trash of plastic like pillars pilling to form a baseless pyramid and yes this pyramid crashes, bringing with its downfall your precious immune systems.

Hey!! Trash that plastic!!!
Why bother me? My single dumping poses no threat.
O yeah, I hear you. Especially when you begin to have jerky breaths and your hair begin to fall from your head as you battle chemotherapy against cancer.
Oh!! Was it the carcinogen that was built up in your body while your plate was piled up with tasty fresh fish caught from a polluted river in your community?
I smile with content when I see your exquisite living room turn swimming pool because your single dumping by the road side which you thought was cool has cause the drainage down your street to channel a pool.
Every action has a mirror reaction and the reaction is far worse than the initial action. This is garbage in garbage out in the harshest way.

I am the environment and I will not fail to remind you of your negligence.
In my wake and fury, I will stare cold like the jury, presenting your trashes like trophies at your doorsteps, roads and offices.
Hear the gurgling sound of sewage water around you.
Hear the slight staccato beat of plastics hurled at the walls of your floods drainages beside you.
Feel the biting strong wind in the North that blinds you with your carelessly disposed plastic.
Be washed with shame as your plastic litters form your street designs.
Your communities are ravaged with pollution,
This is a precipice to destruction.
Can you listen to your intuitions
Or are they dead from prolong action.
You are the solution to beat plastic pollution.
# If you can’t refuse it, reuse it#




Biting cold wind that gnash me
Goose bumps that breaks on my skin
Shuffling with dead feet
Unconscious of the woods
Mind heavy with sorrow
Looking forward to a gruesome end
A dark end for the dawn of light
Father! Is there no one else to bring this light?
But my love is to death
For me to love is death.

My throat is sore
I try to hold back my tears
I try to hide back my fears
My heart aches
There is no one to confide in
There is no one to understand
Torn between the natural and spiritual
They hear me speak
None can fathom….
None can grasp…..
My prayers are muffled
My flesh wrestle against my will
So I have to weep in secrete – All alone
So I have to pray in secrete – All alone
So I have to spend sleepless night – All alone
Ahhh!! My love is to death.

Remember I’m mortal
I feel! I hear!! I fear!!!
Fear crawls on my skin
Dragging its gnared fingers over me
I’m overwhelmed ……..
Spasms of shock waves quake my being
I can’t stand this…..
Don’t you see!!! I need strength
My face must give them hope by day
I must leave here with hope
I must be desolate… So they could have reasons to live
I’ve questioned this for a thousand years
My heart bleeds out
That my live is to death.

His nails drag through the black earth
Grains of sand filtered from His hands
As He clenched His fist to choke back emotions
I must get up – must get up – get up!!
Dawn has stolen its way through
My face must be radiant
My love must see warmth and hope
He walked out of the woods and saw them asleep
Beautiful ones – so unaware of what’s to come
For me to love is death


( Frail Humanity)

Mirth in no mirth.
All know the game but one decides the rules.
People with shaking boarders and hedges that fly out when time n chance presents wrong, right and expedient.
Boundaries formed by opinions which evaporates in the face to make a choice for purity sake!!!
Striving to keep tall and falling ten times,
Yet acknowledging that by grace alone we stand tall.
Hey, falling is not a means to an end for in the face of critics with our face to the ground and backs against the wall,
We see clearly in 4 D how far we’ve come and why we can’t stay down.


A leap of faith
Some call it stupid
I call it blind faith
Treading on, it felt good at the beginning
Armed with trust, I had fear for nothing
A reassured and strong will
Whose back was ready to grind at the mill
Hands bearing victories of the past
That present problems will be a thing of the past
See!!! I had faith that mountains will be brought low
Read!!! My motto was God will make a way
Even when they seems to be no way

Treading on, my feet stumbled in
The cool water splashed on my face
Sending a cascade if chilling shivers down my spine.
I looked and knew I was at the waters of Meribah.
“I haven’t even reached the middle of my quest yet” I cried
The waters had me before the end of my beginning
Stuck in the middle of my beginning
I realized there is more to God than believing.
Hear! Hear! The drums at the bank sent out sounds
The water expanded beyond the spring,
In its swirling motion of contention an fear
My heart beat moved from steady to fear….

“God, where are you?”
My hear cried out in panic
For the waters made my reasoning become frantic
The armed faith all forgotten,
The victory memories waning and fading
As each angry wave of water hit me
Row all you can” waters of Meribah
In my desperation, noise and chaos
I learnt a long life lesson
U see!!! When sinking, you struggle less
Because the more you do, the more you sink
Meribah didn’t drown me
But sunk me into despair and gloom
Aaaaah!!! It is difficult to be still in the midst of trouble
There at Meribah where I contended with God…

But mercy never left me
Hope and trust drifted near me
Admits the noise and endless roar
I heard His voice in the midst of the storm
He held me and taught me a necessary norm
That at Meribah, you must attain a still form
There my knees learnt to bend
And my heart learnt to blend
And I learnt to be still.
The waters receded The clapping waves hung mid air
As the drums cease their beat
Come! Watch!! See!!!
I stood bravely and walked out of the water gallantly